Being a freelance writer I get to experience a lot that many other people do not. When I was asked to write on grants for single mothers, I realized I was out of my element and to do a proper reporting article for this order I needed to go get the answers from the source, the single mothers that are in school. I headed to the local college in order to obtain reviews on grants for single mothers, and get their direct opinions on how difficult they were to receive all the way to the course of study they are taking in order to better their family.

Walking up to the campus of the local school I had no idea what to expect, but I was so glad when many mothers were willing to talk to me and give me the information I needed and as well as the reviews on grants for single mothers.

  • Emily, mother of a 6 month old girl said; ‘applying for the Pell Grant was super simple and being able to apply for it on my own in the privacy of my own bedroom was excellent. That way I felt like I was taking charge of my own destiny.’
  • Jade, mother of an 18 month old boy said this; ‘I would only change one thing about the process I went through in order to get a grant for school, I would have done it sooner. But in the long run I know I am doing this for my son, not for me. So I can show him that no matter the circumstances, you can always better yourself.’
  • Sarah, single mother of twin 24 month old girls had this to add; ‘as if I do not have enough going on with the girls, I decided to apply for a grant or two and get back into school. An excellent thing in this school is the daycare, that way all of my excuses go out the window. There is no reason why I can not go now. Which makes me want to be here!’

When I was talking to single mothers not all of the reviews on grants for single mothers were so positive. Unfortunately I would be doing a disservice if I did not give you all the reviews I received.

  • Nissa, mother of 3 month old beautiful baby boy said this; ‘I am so glad I had a financial aide officer to help me fill out the paperwork and applications, because they were so confusing I could not figure them out on my own. I felt like I already needed to have a college degree to understand the questionnaire.’
  • Stephanie, single mother of a 3 year old girl added; ‘I had such a hard time even applying because some of the stipulations are so strict. My parents are working, but since I am until 21 years old I needed to claim their income even though I have not lived in their home for 3 years. It was a huge pain to work around and almost a year later, I finally got approved and was funded by a Pell grant to help pay for my education.’

I hope this lets you see that by reading these reviews on grants for single mothers, that if you are a single mother; it can be done. And there is no more reasons to wait. If you are interested, get the ball rolling right now.