If you are thinking of going back to college or continuing your tertiary education but you do not have enough funds for tuition, you have the chance of going through college for free. That is, if you apply for a scholarship and get approved.

College Scholarship Grants

Colleges and universities allot a certain amount of funds for financially needy students who want to continue studying. There are three common types of scholarship grants: academic scholarship grant, athletic scholarship grant, and departmental awards. A student must fill out an application form and indicate which scholarship type he is applying for. Of course, he must be eligible for that particular scholarship.

Students must have a good record of grades to be able to qualify for academic scholarships. The high grades must be maintained all throughout his stay in the university or the scholarship will be discontinued. An athletic scholarship is offered to students with excellent sportsmanship or mastery of a particular sport. The schools that give out athletic scholarships are usually competitors for division or national sports competitions.

Departmental awards are given to students who show interest in a particular field. For instance, the Social Studies department of a college may offer scholarships to students who show interest in a related subject area.

Information on college scholarship grants can be obtained from the university. Needless to say, there are so many students applying and you might feel like quitting just because of the sheer number of competitors for one scholarship grant. However, you should know that there are many more scholarships or financial assistance programs you can apply for. There are scholarships that are provided by federal agencies and private organizations.

Religious organizations usually allocate educational funds for deserving members. If you are not aware of these, you’d better ask your religious head if there are some scholarships offered by the church. Corporation-given scholarships are rather common; as companies often look for ways to give back to the community in a constructive manner. In addition, offering scholarships might indicate the company’s willingness to invest on the youth sector.

There are also charitable organizations that dole out scholarship grants to financially needy students who show excellent academic potential. Sometimes, the scouts for these scholarships look for high school students who show promise. However, these scholarships may be offered up until graduate school so it’s worthwhile to ask your university registrar about these scholarships.

What you need to understand is that so many grants go un-awarded because not many know about them. It may be hard to believe but some grants are shelved because of the scarcity of eligible applicants. If you find a scholarship option, apply. You will never know whether you will get accepted or not if you don’t send an application.

Union-based scholarships are awarded to children of union members. If your parents are members of a union, you’d better ask about the existence of grants within the union and talk about your intentions of applying.

One other source of free grants is your local government. There are scholarships that are offered only to citizens of a county and their children. The good thing about regional scholarships is that the beneficiary usually has a job waiting for him at home as soon as he graduates.