Because some college students can’t afford to go to college, there are scholarship grants offered for those who excel in certain fields.

If you’re a high school senior and you want to grab a scholarship of your own, you should know that there are these scholarship grants can be categorized into three common types, namely athletic, academic and departmental grants. There are selection criteria involved for each type. Also, each type of grant targets a particular group of high school students.

Academic Scholarships

For a student to be considered, he or she must achieve a certain GPA. He must also have shown exceptional performance in terms of anything related to academic excellence in his high school. Normally, students who have received honors or other awards in high school apply for academic scholarships. This grant cant be automatically given when an honor student enters college or university, but for the most part, the student must apply for this scholarship.

Grades, feedback from teachers and recommendations from other sources are considered in academic scholarships. Although there are circumstances when a student’s financial needs also factor in the selection process.

When a student gets accepted for an academic scholarship grant, he or she is required to keep his or her grades high. There is a certain average called a ceiling grade that must be maintained. If the student isn’t able to maintain this at the end of the term, the student will be put on probation status until he or she fixes the grades. If, by the end of the probation period, the student is still unable to maintain a high grade, the academic scholarship is forfeited.

Athletic Scholarship Grant

This type of scholarship is for budding athletes who show promise in a particular sport. This is one of the most highly in demand scholarship grants and so many students are aiming for this.

An athletic scholarship will enable a student to get a college degree for free and graduate as an athlete. The dream of playing for a college or university as a part of a sports team and getting a diploma in the process is shared by many high school students, particularly those who are already in sports clubs.

Departmental Awards

Department scholarships are given by specific parts of the university community for deserving students. This entails specializing in a particular course or study, and will be granted to a student who shows keen interest in the topic. This is like the academic scholarship, with a narrower scope for selection. The departmental awards are awarded with the intention of keeping the would-be graduate in the same line of study even after graduation. You can ask the school directly if you want to find out what department scholarships are offered.