When you are thinking about studying in some capacity to make a better life for yourself or get better prospects, you may be wondering if you can afford to make it happen.  If you find yourself in this kind of situation, a need based grant could be beneficial for you.

As the name might suggest, a need based grant is based on your needs and how much you require financial assistance to get you through college.  Simply put, you may be able to qualify for this kind of grant if you wouldn’t be able to get through college and survive financially without it.

This kind of grant applies to those who are in really hard times though.  A lot of people could find they have to tighten their belts and get financial help from several locations, but they may still not be eligible for this grant.  It is only available for those who are in real need of financial help.

The family of the person wanting to go to college should have an income that falls below a level whereupon this grant can be a viable option to consider.  Many of these grants are given out by the federal government.  However in certain cases income does not form part of the information needed to make this decision.  It all depends on where the grant is coming from and what other criteria could be in place.

Furthermore the income enjoyed by your family is not the sole factor used in determining who is eligible for this grant and who isn’t.  Another determining factor can be the amount of the contribution the family will be able to put forward for you.  If they cannot put a large amount forward you may be eligible on those grounds instead.  Another example concerns how many other dependents your parents have.  If you are the only one you may be less likely to get a grant than if you have half a dozen brothers and sisters of various ages.  However it can once again depend on a mix of factors, so if you are in any doubt do get proper advice.

Don’t assume that you have to get great grades in order to qualify for a need based grant for college either.  While it is true that some grants require you to have good grades, this doesn’t automatically apply to this one.  As such this is a grant that aims to give everyone a shot at college if they are not in a financially advantageous position to get there unaided.

As you can see though, the conditions on whether or not you qualify for this kind of grant depend on where you get it from.  Always check to see what the qualifying circumstances are, and if you are in any doubt apply for it anyway.  You will soon find out whether you qualify or not, so don’t opt out of something that could be rightfully yours.  There is no doubt that a need based grant can be the deciding factor in whether some people get to college or not.