A grant is a highly prized thing to apply for when you want to head off to college with the aid of some financial help.  This is because the name means you do not have any obligation to repay the money at any point.  Instead you can use it to help you get through college without getting into too much debt.  Indeed, many people may not even be able to get into college without a grant of some kind.

But how can you apply for a grant in the first place?  Well despite the fact that there are a lot of different grants and loans out there for students, it all comes back to the same thing – the FAFSA.  This is the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, and when you fill it out it will automatically result in your being assessed to receive various forms of financial aid.

You may well have your eye on a particular type of grant before you fill out your FAFSA, but even if this is the case you should always go through the process of filling in the FAFSA for each college year.  The reason for this is simple – no one is really aware of exactly how many college loans or grants they might be eligible for.  Unless you happen to know a lot about the grants system and other forms of financial aid for college students, you’ll probably be unaware of one or more grants you could be given.  This means that applying specifically for one or more grants that you know about could result in you missing out.

One thing worth remembering is that it won’t cost you a cent to fill out your FAFSA if you take the easiest option and go online to do it.  You may come across websites that charge you for the privilege of getting them to help you, but don’t go down this route.  The government has lots of information on the FAFSA.ed.gov website that will help you to apply for the grants you may be entitled to.

The other important aspect of applying for whatever grant you hope to get is to make doubly sure you give yourself enough time to fill out your FAFSA correctly.  There will be a deadline by which time you have to have your FAFSA submitted, and it is definitely easier to submit it online.  There is no chance it will be lost and it will reach the government far more quickly as well.  In addition to this you need to be sure you put all the right information in, as your application will be checked and assessed on this basis.  Not getting things right could lead to all sorts of problems and limit your chances of getting the grant – or grants – you wanted to apply for.

As you can see, applying for a grant is easier than you might think, because you can apply for all kinds of them in just one step with the FAFSA application.