There are plenty of different grants available for those who wish to fund their studies, but some are designed to appeal to those studying in a particular field.  A TEACH grant is a good example of this, and the field it relates to is referred to in the name of the grant itself.

TEACH is an acronym for Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education.  As such it is only applicable to be considered by those who are looking at teaching as a career.

If this includes you, you may be eligible to apply for this grant.  But there are certain conditions and rules which are attached to it and you need to bear these in mind before applying.

For starters you need to be in the process of studying to be a teacher, or alternatively you need to have plans in place to do this.  You also have to plan to spend four years as a full time teacher once your studies are complete.  This is a minimum length of time required, so you can of course teach for much longer than this if you wish – indeed this is the idea.  This rule makes certain that only those who are serious about teaching will be awarded the grant.

There are other rules which you will have to adhere to in order to qualify for this grant as well.  For instance one of them concerns the fact that your qualifications as a teacher have to be very good.  This is for exceptional teachers, and the US government clearly wants to encourage people to make good progress in this field.  This is understandable as it means that it will benefit many future pupils as well as the teachers (and teachers to be) who have earned these grants.

You must also be willing to teach a subject that is in high demand.  For instance some subjects always seem to have a lack of good teachers teaching them to future generations.  The TEACH grant enables people to be funneled into these subjects, to even out the distribution of teachers across the country and across all the subjects as well.

One final consideration is that the school you end up teaching in must cater for students who are at a financial disadvantage.  There is an understandable desire for the best teachers to head for the best schools.  But while this does happen it can cause problems for those who are not lucky enough to attend such schools.  Everyone has the right to learn various subjects to the best of their ability.  This means the TEACH grant should eventually lead to good teachers teaching all kinds of subjects in schools that are more disadvantaged as well.

As you can see, if you want to make a difference in life and in teaching, the TEACH grant could help you get there.  You can apply for a TEACH grant by filling out a Free Application for Federal Student Aid – otherwise known as the FAFSA.